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What Is NewFit?

Located at the Viera Hospital Medical Plaza, NewFit is a network of doctors and other professionals that specialize in the complete, comprehensive, and ongoing treatment associated with Bariatric weight-loss procedures.

What Makes NewFit Different?

Providing some of the area's most cutting-edge surgical technology and safety, NewFit's team is led by the only two laparoscopic Fellowship-trained robotics-assisted surgeons in Brevard. NewFit is also further differentiated by the fact that:

  • We're Brevard's only surgical weight-loss program using the da Vinci©robotics-assisted Surgical System
  • Our Viera Hospital surgical facility is designed specifically for the care and comfort of Bariatric patients
  • We're a one-stop shop for surgical weight-loss, providing one of the area's most comprehensive lists of Bariatric capabilities and procedures
  • Our multi-disciplinary, Bariatric-trained and specialized team can usually perform 100% of the needed pre-op treatment and testing - saving you time, hassle, and healthcare costs
  • Our advanced tools, techniques, and surgical setup all work together to provide the best-possible patient comfort and safety

Has NewFit Earned Any Accreditations?

NewFit is nationally accredited as a Level 1 Facility by the American College of Surgeons.

How Is The NewFit Viera Hospital Facility Designed Specifically For Bariatrics?

Viera Hospital's state-of-the-art Bariatric facility was designed to optimize the comfort and safety of Bariatric patients. Features include:

  • Larger beds and bed lifts
  • Enhanced gurneys
  • Customized bathrooms
  • Weight-appropriate wheelchairs
  • Larger doorways
  • A wide range of furniture and medical tools designed specifically for Bariatrics
  • And more

What Is Laparoscopy?

Laparoscopy is an extremely advanced technique utilized by NewFit surgeons as a less invasive and superior alternative to open surgery. It involves placing tiny instruments, including a laparoscope or camera, through multiple tiny incisions in a patient's abdomen, which greatly reduces post-operative complication rates, recovery times, pain, bleeding, scarring, and more.

What Is The daVinci® Robotics-Assisted Surgery System?

Featuring the most advanced Bariatric technology to date, the da Vinci® robot provides your surgeon with enhanced capabilities during your procedure, including the best-possible surgical view, precision, dexterity, access, and control. Further minimalizing the already-reduced complication rates and recovery times associated with laparoscopy, NewFit's Viera Hospital facility is currently Brevard's only surgical weight-loss facility to use the da Vinci robot. NewFit also boasts Brevard's only two fellowship-trained robotic surgeons.

How Do I Pay For My NewFit Procedure?

While every patient situation is different, you'll most likely pay for your procedure in one of the following three ways:

1. Health Insurance - For many patients, insurance approves all, or a significant portion, of the costs associated with their Bariatric procedures. Our team will work closely and directly with your insurance company to identify every possible opportunity for coverage and further optimize your specific set of variables, guiding you through every step of the insurance process.

2. Patient Financing & Out-of-Pocket Payments - For some patients, insurance does not cover weight loss surgery. We offer competitive self-pay pricing for the procedure chosen. For some, paying for the procedure in one lump-sum payment is a feasible option; for others it may not be an option. Health First Viera Hospital offers financing at 0% for 36 months (after deposit).

Can NewFit Help Me Through The Insurance/Payment Process?

From contacting your insurance company to calculating coverage scenarios to lending inside guidance, our NewFit team will take an active role to help facilitate every aspect of financial feasibility to help you pay for your procedure in the way that makes the most sense for you.

What Insurances Are Accepted?

All major insurances are accepted. It's a good idea to contact your insurance company and familiarize yourself with important info before your procedure. Knowing how your insurance company will pay your claim and if they are a participating provider may help you avoid unexpected costs later. It is each patient's responsibility to know their insurance contract and which providers participate with their insurance plan.

What Are The Long-Term Financial Advantages Of A NewFit Procedure?

While a NewFit procedure can change your life and provide health value beyond any dollar amount, nearly all patients financially benefit long-term from reduced healthcare costs, fewer medication-related expenses, and more. In fact, the treatment of obesity and weight-related medical problems now accounts for more healthcare dollars than any other single medical problem. Plus, since the IRS now recognizes obesity as a disease, certain medical expenses may possibly qualify as tax deductions.

What Is A NewFit Education Seminar?

NewFit Education Seminars are FREE for anyone who wants to attend, and their main function is to inform patients about their Bariatric weight-loss options.

Sign up for our next Education Seminar or view our upcoming schedule.

What Is A One-On-One Session?

A NewFit One-on-One Session is available for individuals who prefer to learn about their Bariatric options in a more personalized setting. Enabling superior convenience and accessibility for patients, One-on-One Sessions are often utilized by those who are unable to attend our Education Seminars due to timing, scheduling conflicts, or other circumstances. An office copay will apply.

Click here to Schedule a One-on-One Session or learn more about NewFit Education Seminars.

Does NewFit Offer Any Resources For Getting Started?

Patients are encouraged to print, review, and complete our 'Getting Started Packet' prior to attending an Education Seminar or their initial visit. Packets include everything from initial and future patient forms to pre-surgical weight-loss knowledge and guidelines that can be taken advantage of today.

What Types Of Bariatric Procedures Are Available Through Newfit?

Providing the area's most complete and comprehensive list of Bariatric procedures, NewFit most commonly performs the following three procedures: Gastric Banding, Sleeve Gastrectomy, and Gastric Bypass. Additional capabilities, such as revisions, may also be available when needed.

Does NewFit Offer Revisions Or Any Other Additional Capabilities?

While the procedure you choose is ultimately up to you, your NewFit surgeon will work closely with you to determine your best surgical weight-loss option. Generally speaking, the more weight you need to lose the more aggressive we recommend your procedure. Additional factors include your current co-morbidities, individual risks, medical history, insurance coverage, payment options, and more.

Does Newfit Offer Any Cost-Saving Perks?

Due to NewFit's ongoing affiliation with Health First and Viera Hospital, we're able to extend extra cost-saving benefits to patients. Current examples include:

  • No patient administration fees or other 'extra costs', which can potentially save you thousands
  • Waived enrollment fee (up to $100 value), plus $35 per month reduced membership fee prior to surgery for Health First Pro-Health & Fitness Center
  • Free 3-month membership post surgery upon receipt of medical clearance from the program member’s NewFit physician
  • Free one-day fitness pass just for attending our education seminar!

What Can I Expect After My Initial NewFit Visit?

After your doctor determines you are a viable candidate for a NewFit Bariatric procedure, you will most likely need to complete:

  • Psychological, nutritional, and exercise physiology consultations
  • Standard lab tests, including chemistry, blood count, lipid profile, urine analysis, etc.
  • Medical testing and evaluations as needed for those with existing cardiac, pulmonary, diabetic, and other conditions

If your procedure is being covered by insurance, you will also be required to complete a three to six-month medically managed weight-loss program designed by your team at NewFit.

What Can I Expect In The Weeks Prior To My NewFit Bariatric Procedure?

In order to ensure the best-possible surgical results and safety, patients are required to follow a strict diet free of refined carbs, sugar, and soda. We also ask that you abstain from smoking and alcohol. During your final pre-op visit, we will go over your previous test results, answer questions, perform a final pre-surgical evaluation, discuss preparation for the procedure, and more. If you show nutritional deficiencies or anything else concerning, we will take steps and help you meet the needed criteria before providing surgery.

What Can I Expect Directly After My NewFit Bariatric Procedure?

While this varies by individual patient, type of procedure, and numerous other factors, some patients return to work and normal activities as soon as a week after surgery. Your NewFit surgeon will encourage you to get up and walk within hours after surgery, and most likely, will also ask you to:

  • Stay diligently and adequately hydrated
  • Follow a graduated 6-week-long high-protein diet
  • Avoid any strenuous physical activity or lifting for 4 to 6 weeks
  • Shower rather than bathe until after your initial post-op visit
  • Attend follow-up visits with our NewFit team members as instructed

What Can I Expect Long Term Concerning My Bariatric Procedure?

While this varies by individual patient, type of procedure, and numerous other factors, you can expect to lose anywhere between 40-80% of your excess body weight during up to a 24-month time span following your surgery. In addition to significant enhancements in your quality of life and physical capabilities/mobility, you'll also experience drastic improvement or resolution for existing medical conditions, such as type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, and more. In order to maintain your weight loss, however, you will need to follow a lifelong diet and exercise plan, attend follow-up visits, and remain committed to your medical management program. Our psychologists and other staff will be there to help you resolve potential setbacks and maintain the tools you need to continue your weight-loss success.

Will Weight-Loss Surgery Limit My Physical Activities?

While we strongly encourage patients to walk around, we ask that you do not return to normal activities until your surgeon gives you the go-ahead. A normal recovery period can last anywhere from one to six weeks, after which nearly all patients experience improvements in their ability to do physical activities such as walking, climbing, aerobics, and more.

Can I Cover All My Bariatric Bases With NewFit?

At NewFit, we pride ourselves on our highly specialized, multi-disciplinary team, as well as our extensively comprehensive approach. Led by two laparoscopic fellowship-trained Bariatric surgeons, our team can usually perform 100% of your needed pre-and post-op treatment and testing. Plus, our complete range of care capabilities allow us to handle everything that needs to happen throughout the entire Bariatric journey. This all works to ensure patients optimal weight-loss success, enhanced efficiency, and long-term time and money savings.

Does NewFit Offer Any Additional Resources Or Support?

At NewFit, we believe that obesity isn't something that anyone should face alone, and having a strong level of support can play a vital role in both initial and continual weight-loss success. That's why we offer everything from live chats to Facebook friendship to bi-monthly support groups.